In compliance with the provisions of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private, (hereinafter LFPDPPP), Regulations, the guidelines of the Privacy Notice and other applicable, URBAN DEVELOPMENT TEPIC, S.A. C.V DE. (hereinafter "GARDENS OF SAN JUAN") wishes to inform the user of the website, its privacy notice regarding the processing and protection of personal data of individuals who voluntarily communicate via e-mail GARDENS OF SAN JUAN, answer the form in which personal data are collected or entering and / or use any services offered on the website if this involves the communication of personal data.

This privacy notice containing all aspects related to the processing of personal data
GARDENS OF SAN JUAN held as responsible for it via the website. If the user (after reading this document) Continued use of the website, will be demonstrating its full and express acceptance of this Privacy Notice and how will the treatment of your personal data. Otherwise the user must exit the website.

Sand informs the user that any processing of personal data, will be under the scope of the legislation in Mexico on data protection, established by the LFPDPPP and regulations.

Shall mean personal data, any information concerning an identified or identifiable individuals (including email address and / or IP address in the event that unequivocally identify stakeholders) and by user, any identified or identifiable natural person to communicate its personal data through this site and / or services available on the same as (without this list is limited understanding of), e-mail, filling out forms by which personal data are collected, participation in campaigns and promotions, and overall use of any services present on the website that involves communication of personal data.


URBAN DEVELOPMENT TEPIC, VARIABLE CAPITAL CORPORATION, (hereafter GARDENS OF SAN JUAN), residing in road Tepic-Miramar km. 0.745, C.P., 63114, in the Municipality of Tepic, Nayarit; with key Federal Taxpayers Registry I-791210-Hi5; sees fit to publicize the terms and conditions applicable to the use of the site and of services offered by GARDENS OF SAN JUAN through the website, as well as those subsidiaries that are identified as part of the GARDENS OF SAN JUAN (identified as BUSINESS), through its website


The user accessing the web site GARDENS OF SAN JUAN is not required to provide personal information (except in the case of a restricted section to higher age) for viewing the website, therefore, any data communication such effects occur because the user has voluntarily decided to navigation or customized use of services.

The personal data that can be collected during user navigation on the site are: full name,
phone and email. Chen the user is not registered on this site and perform an anonymous navigation, must consider and be informed that sending an email to GARDENS OF SAN JUAN, and communication by the user to this entity of any other personal data through any means, leads or imply its consent, unequivocal, specific, informed and express consent to the processing of personal data supplied by the said company.

If the user contact
GARDENS OF SAN JUAN to query or request information, such data processing will be performed in order to address and answer the submissions received, and send the information requested to the counterparty.

If the user decides to register on the website to benefit from all content and services offered through this, your data will be treated for various purposes specified, without limitation, in this privacy notice, as these may vary depending on the services in each case are offered by
GARDENS OF SAN JUAN through the website, related to their brands and products.

Accordingly, if the user does not agree to the processing of your data
GARDENS OF SAN JUAN, must refrain from communicating or sending your personal data to this company through any means, such as email, record high in the website or filling out forms, making an anonymous browsing the website.
Your personal information will only be used for limited purposes, such as those discussed herein and / or those who are informed if unequivocally previously to collect and process personal data of the user.

GARDENS OF SAN JUAN user's request, may provide some user personal data to through contact in the email that he supplies or otherwise authorized by him. In such cases, An informative communication will be included in the form in which data is collected, where conditions dictate treatment, sensitive data that may collect, the consequences of obtaining data or the refusal to supply, the purposes of processing, any transfers that take place, and if, will seek consent for the treatment of personal data. Also, those services that have particular conditions, shall include the relevant privacy notice conditions particularly governing the use of the service.

This privacy notice will always be complementary and subsidiary nature of the specific privacy notices on what not contradict.

GARDENS OF SAN JUAN not request specially protected user data, understood to be called sensitive personal data according to the LFPDPPP, namely, data relating to race or ethnicity, religious beliefs, police record, physical or mental health or sexual orientation. If required and necessary treatment of any of the aforementioned sensitive personal data, the responsible entity shall request the express written consent of the user to collect and treat such data, previous report, unequivocally and explicitly the purposes and characteristics of the processing of such data.


GARDENS OF SAN JUAN may transfer, its subsidiaries, subsidiaries, shareholders and other companies make up the consortium identified as GROUP ALICA, in which part JUAN GARDENS DESAN, located in the state of Nayarit and Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico, all or part of the personal data you provide it Site, in order to meet the objectives for which the user provides their information and for the purposes described in this privacy notice and be told about the user in the registration forms, events, promotions or if offered a service through the site.

Also, GARDENS OF SAN JUAN you may transfer your personal data in cases provided and authorized by the LFPDPPP and other applicable.

GARDENS OF SAN JUAN you can transfer the personal data of users in order to ensure and manage the use of the services of this website to which the user wants to access; share sales promotions; participate in social events such as lecture, Anniversary Masses, opening of gardens; ensure the updating of user data and respond to requests for user information.

Apart from the above,
GARDENS OF SAN JUAN only foresees the realization of transfers or data communications because of the provisions of LFPDPPP are to be performed to meet their legal obligations in each subject at all times and, where appropriate also, to other government agencies or authorities.

If the user decides to use or participate in the various
goods, services the promotions offered through the website, GARDENS OF SAN JUAN you can communicate your data to third parties in order to properly manage its interest therein. For this, the purpose of communication in the registration form of the service itself and / or on the basis of the promotion was expressly inform recipients of their data and of goods or services, and on the basis, conditions and legal texts that regulate. If the user does not agree with data transfers to be proposed shall not participate in each case in the service, promotion of goods or services concerned.

Also the user is informed that any data transfer to be performed, will be made of their knowledge
, when so require expressly indicating LFPDPPP, precise and unequivocal who are the recipients of information, the purpose for which the data will be used, and the nature of the data transferred, or possibly when you set LFPDPPP, previously the unambiguous consent be sought, specific and informed user.


Si user has accepted to receive commercial communications by electronic means such as email or other means of electronic communication, These are understood as any form of communication to promote, directly or indirectly, image or the goods or services of one undertaking receive such commercial communications in your personal email pointed to that effect.


GARDENS OF SAN JUAN reserves the right to modify the Service, T&C and rules that complement, at any time and as often as it sees fit, which is understood to be notified to users by the mere fact published on the site, last updated, being the sole responsibility of the users consult and learn periodically new T&C.


GARDENS OF SAN JUAN warns the user that is only responsible and guarantees the confidentiality, security and data processing in accordance with this notice, respect of personal data to seek user directly through this website is not taking any responsibility for treatments and subsequent use of personal data by third party service providers tuvieren access to information user because of the relationship that the user hereby established with GARDENS OF SAN JUAN in terms of transfers in this privacy notice the user has been noticiado and agree that GARDENS OF SAN JUAN can be performed.

Third party providers of information society shall be construed, without limitation, those
, natural or legal persons providing the following services: (i) Transmission over a communication network of information provided by users of the service. (ii) Access services to the aforementioned network. (iii) Storage services or hosting. (iv) Supply of contents or information.

GARDENS OF SAN JUAN is not responsible for data processing to conduct the third parties that have hyperlinks to the website GARDENS OF SAN JUAN nor those responsible to via hyperlinks GARDENS OF SAN JUAN refers users to your website.


GARDENS OF SAN JUAN makes knowledge of the user who is or may be present in social networks, Facebook. The treatment of user data that followers of official pages are made GARDENS OF SAN JUAN by the conditions specified in the terms and conditions of the social network that matches under any data that the network is required to be collected responsibility for this and will not be governed GARDENS OF SAN JUAN so that access to the privacy policy and terms of use of the above pages or if recommended, the social network itself, to know the information derived from the processing of personal data and in particular the conditions and purposes to which the data will be used as part of the user profile.

In this sense, the user that offers the possibility to follow and become fan is reported
GARDENS OF SAN JUANthe social network mentioned, as well as any others that may exist and is indicatedn through this website. Regarding social services network that GARDENS OF SAN JUAN created or comes to creating their own official website, is provided on the web site the possibility that the user dials on the social network icon and directly go to the official website created by GARDENS OF SAN JUAN becoming a follower or fan of it. GARDENS OF SAN JUAN is responsible for the administration of this site provided that it official page and thus whether created by GARDENS OF SAN JUAN. However GARDENS OF SAN JUAN is not responsible for unofficial third users create pages on social networks.

It reminds the user that
GARDENS OF SAN JUAN you can delete the official site any information that goes against the rules established in the general conditions of use of their official website and contrary to the provisions of this Notice. Similarly, social networks may remove content that, either automatically or by another user complaint, They go against the rules mentioned.

Anyway, the user can stop being a follower of the official website
GARDENS OF SAN JUAN following the steps that are indicated for this purpose and without you GARDENS OF SAN JUAN it can intervene in this process. However, GARDENS OF SAN JUAN reserves the right to create, edit, modify and / or delete the official page without informing the user in advance.

For any queries regarding data processing performed
GARDENS OF SAN JUAN, the user may contact GARDENS OF SAN JUAN at the address shown


The user is cautioned that, except that there is a legally incorporated representation, any user can use the identity of another person and communicate their personal data, so
, every time the user should consider that, If you use email, You can only include personal data for their own identity and are suitable, relevant, Current, accurate and true. For this purpose, User shall be solely liable for any damage, direct and / or indirect damage caused to third parties or to GARDENS OF SAN JUAN by the use of personal data of another person, or their own personal data when they are false, erroneous, no current, Inappropriate or irrelevant. Likewise the user to communicate the personal data of a third, will respond to this.


GARDENS OF SAN JUAN informs the user that if under 18 years registration is prohibited on the website unless with the consent of their parents or guardians.
Also, the user is informed under 18 years must notify parents or guardians before entering the website to enable them to explain the Privacy Notice and participate with them all the possibilities offered by the web site.


Usury is entitled to log in their personal data held by GARDENS OF SAN JUAN and to know the characteristics of the treatment given to them; a rectify if inaccurate, behind the incomplete; request becanceled alleging that are unnecessary for the purposes for which it was collected and that they are not being treated in accordance with the principles and duties established by LFPDPPP, and to object his treatment for specific purposes.

Similarly, the user may request it limit the use or disclosure of personal data and revoke consent which in his case has been granted.

Also, the user can direct your
ARCO request to exercise the rights provided by LFPDPPP and Regulations, through email address:, either to go to our home located in Tepic-Miramar Road Km. 0.745, C.P. 63114, in Tepic, Nayarit; where you can exercise the written and printed application so you can: revoke consent requesting the floor of the reception of commercial communications, change your personal information or update the same, which will be delivered by assigned staff to do.

The request GARDENS OF SAN JUAN made available to the user for Ownerto ARCO rights above, which, according to LFPDPPP must contain: holder's name and address or other means for receiving response; documents proving their identity or legal representation, if it done by proxy; clear and accurate data for which seeks to exercise their rights and other items or documents to facilitate the location of the data description, which will be provided by our responsible for personal data, either personally (at the address specified at the beginning of this document) or by sending an email to, with a copy of their official identification.


To ensure that the website is being well managed and to facilitate improved navigation within the same, GARDENS OF SAN JUAN, as / the supplier(this is) Web services may be using “cookies” (Short text files stored on the user's browser) the “web beacons” (electronic images that allow the website to count the number of visitors and users who have accessed a particular website and access certain “cookies”) to store and Updates. GARDENS OF SAN JUAN You can use these tools to track information on its systems and identify categories of users of the website by items such as IP addresses, domain, browser type and pages visited. This information is reported to the Webmaster GARDENS OF SAN JUAN, and can be used to analyze the number of visitors and users of the different areas of the site and thereby ensuring the usefulness of our website as a source of useful information and effective.

Both “cookies” as “web beacons” store personal information such as name or email address. Most browsers allow users to reject “cookies” (generally in the tools menu). Note that in specific circumstances, access may be denied in certain parts of our site visitors and those users whose browsers do not allow the use of “cookies”.


GARDENS OF SAN JUAN informs the user that, in accordance with the provisions of LFPDPPP and Regulations, has adopted the necessary technical, administrative and physical steps to ensure the security of personal data and prevent alteration, loss, treatment or unauthorized access, given the state of technology, the nature of the data stored and the risks to which they are exposed, whether from human action or the physical or natural environment and only record personal data in databases that meet the conditions specified in these systems regarding their integrity and security and treatment centers, local, hardware, systems and programs.


The personal data volumes might be published in the website GARDENS OF SAN JUAN, are the responsibility of GARDENS OF SAN JUAN and have been incorporated into protected databases with prior informed consent of those concerned and can not be freely processed and reproduced by third party users of the website unless prior permission is obtained and informed consent of the person concerned.

The personal data that could prove to be published on the website may include without limitation in; Obituaries, live broadcast of tragic events, Virtual Masses, or any other kind concerning identified or identifiable individuals, as the name, surnames, Photos the images of events held by GARDENS OF SAN JUAN, and any other information own GARDENS OF SAN JUAN or group events organized by GRUPO ALICA. Therefore, All personal data -including images, videos, texts, data and other information published on this website for individuals identified and / or identifiable- may only be used by the user of the website in order to participate in the services and content as established in the policies of website use, for private purposes and within the framework of existing legislation, and non-profit or commercial purposes of any kind, expressly prohibited any use other than those listed, including incorporating images or data files or processing and / or creation of databases of persons and / or delivery of advertisements or transfer to third parties, without the prior informed consent User, not being responsible GARDENS OF SAN JUAN uses third parties website users engaged contravention established in this section.

At no time this website may be considered as a source of public access, or you can make a freely available published data therethrough.


Users using the latest versions of software for Internet browsing through the inclusion of these increased security measures are recommended.
Likewise, users are recommended to use security mechanisms at their disposal (secure web servers, cryptography, firma digital, firewall, etc.) to protect the confidentiality and integrity of your data to the extent that is necessary, since there are risks of impersonation or communication violation.

Users are reminded that the Internet is not secure. However, different means exist and are developed that allow you to better protect your data. Thus, use any means at its disposal to protect your data and communications, as legally available encryption for confidential e-mail and access codes to your own PC.

Users are advised that if they provide personal information online through email or social network GARDENS OF SAN JUAN, be aware that this information may be collected and processed for purposes unwanted by users, so users should check the privacy policies and privacy of the web sites they visit is recommended.

Users who are present who warns, unless they use encryption mechanisms, Internet email is not secure. Mail messages and l
to information from social networks may be subject to forgery and impersonation, which should be taken into account provided they are used. If the user does not want to publish your email, you must configure your browser not to leave your email address in the web servers that access.


Occasionally, GARDENS OF SAN JUAN will update this privacy notice and processing of personal data of users of the website.

Any amendment to this notice will be published and advised on this website and on the notice itself, considering the user, the processing of data which would have communicated to GARDENS OF SAN JUAN shall be governed by the policies and conditions of the processing of existing data and published at the time you provided your personal data to these entities subject to the preferential application of the specific legal texts into effect as informative texts inserted in coupons and Data collection forms, conditions of particular services and promotions.

In any case the responsibility of the user to periodically access the privacy notice posted on the website to know at all times the latest version.

It reminds the user that, Access to this website, register on the site and / or using its services entails the express user acceptance of this Privacy Notice and processing of personal data, still your responsibility to read the same. If the user does not agree should refrain from browsing this site, registering and / or using the services and content of the site so that your personal data will not be communicated to
GARDENS OF SAN JUAN making an anonymous surfing.


The user to be received with thanksgiving comments you may provide to you in connection with this notice of privacy and personal data protection is reported. For such purposes or to make any inquiry in connection therewith, the user may contact GARDENS OF SAN JUAN both electronically and by mail at the address shown below: and / or road Tepic-Miramar Km. 0.745, C.P. 63114, in Tepic, Nayarit, Mexico.